Savvy Simmonds: Twin Sisters to Become Highett’s Newest Residents

October 2023

Twin sisters, Natasha and Samantha Simmonds have become Highett Common’s newest future residents, purchasing neighbouring apartments at Highett Common.

Having grown up in the area, the sisters, in their twenties, had spent 18 months on the lookout for their ideal homes, never having considered purchasing their residences within the same precinct, let alone metres from each other.

“It wasn’t until our mother pointed us in the direction of a unique, off-the-plan development nestled within 10 hectares of parklands, right around the corner from our family home in Beaumaris, that our property dreams were finally in reach,” explained Natasha.

Having lived in Beaumaris for their entire lives, Samantha and Natasha were eager to find homes in the community they had grown to know and love and remain within close proximity to their friends and family.

“We were adamant we didn’t want to buy into an estate 30 kilometres out of the city, away from everyone we love,” said Natasha.

Taking advantage of the First Home Owner’s grant and Stamp Duty concessions, the sisters secured park frontage apartments on the fourth floor of Park House, stage 1 at Highett Common.

With athletic backgrounds in swimming and running, Natasha and Samantha were particularly attracted to Highett Common’s vast array of wellness amenities including, state-of-the-art gymnasiums, wellness areas for yoga and meditation, and both an indoor and outdoor pool, perfect for all seasons.

Natasha explained that when the two apartments became available, she and her sister knew they needed to be quick to act.

“It’s not every day a beautifully designed project with parklands, resort-style pools, multiple gyms and even a cinema pops up just 5 minutes from the beach and our family home,” said Natasha.

Highett Common offers all its residents an incredible lifestyle offering in a bustling, Melbourne Bayside location, set amongst connected, natural surrounds.

Stage 1 of Highett Common is now almost 80% sold, with civil construction underway across the site.

This month, we launched stage 2 of the project, The Townhomes at Highett Common, a curated collection of 3- and 4-bedroom Townhomes, perfect for those who may need a little extra space.

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Best Apartment
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