Conscious Construction: Construction Works Well Underway at Highett Common

August 2023

Civil works at our Highett Common site continue to take large steps forward, taking the necessary first steps to bring the 9.3-hectare precinct to life.

At this stage, works are focused on preparing the site for future construction stages of the residential components and public amenities, to ensure a seamless construction program through the multiple stages.

For this critical works phase, we have partnered with civil works experts Delta Civil to complete the infrastructure activity across the entire site.

Delta’s most recent works involved the installation of the site’s in-ground services including sewerage, water, stormwater, fire, electrical and telecommunications. This work is the foundation for us to be able to bring every aspect of Highett Common to fruition.

In August, the team also began works on new roadways and footpaths within the development, allowing us to deliver on our vision to create a walkable and connected master-planned community.

Unique Elements

In any development like this, teams are typically faced with unique challenges that are specific to the natural conditions of the site as well as seasonable climate considerations. Fortunately,

all works conducted to date have been delivered without disruption and the construction program remains on track.

At Highett Common, the Delta Civil team have been performing cut-and-fill activities in the landscaping's foundation to minimize the amount of dug-up material taken away from the site in an effort to preserve the existing site as much as possible.

Further to this, the team have coordinated multiple infrastructure connections along the street to ensure the best outcome for future construction works. During this phase, the team also took extra care to ensure this work did not disrupt or hinder access for local residents.

Conservation & Council

A significant milestone in this phase of development also included the handover of 3-hectares of the overall Highett Common site back to the council. This allotment will become a dedicated conservation zone and public park that will benefit not only our residents but the entire local community.

Next Steps

The next step in the development process will be to appoint the Stage 1 early works and basement package to our preferred builder. This appointment will ensure construction continues on site progressively and simultaneously, bringing our residents one step closer to their new lives.    

We’re excited to be taking these initial steps and getting closer to welcoming our future residents to their new home amongst nature at Highett Common.

Highett Common
has been named:

2023 WINNER:

Best Apartment
Development (VIC)

2023 WINNER:

Best Eco Friendly
Apartment Development

2023 WINNER:

Best Apartment
Landscape Design

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