Early Works of First Stage Nearing Completion at Highett Common

April 2024

As we are fast approaching the middle of 2024, foundational work at Highett Common continues to take strides, bringing residents one step closer to their new lifestyle.

In late 2023, our contracting partners at Delta Group began necessary work on internal roads and basements, with over 83% of early works of Stage 1 at Highett Common now complete on-site.

Creating the Framework

Building on the work already completed on-site, asphalts, kerbs and channels are now being installed along Callistemon Boulevard, Hakea Way and a third of Lightwood Avenue, with plans to complete the remaining two-thirds within early May 2024.

This is a key step in the creation of the project’s overall masterplan, laying the foundational connections for the residents to gain access to the site, the amenities and greenspaces at Highett Common.

Better Basements

In December 2023, we commenced work on the basement spaces at Highett Common that will become home to resident car parking and bike storage spaces. Current works are being carried out on Building G, with the final elements being implemented in its first basement and excavation underway for basement 2.

As part of the next phase in the early works at Highett Common, this first basement in Building G will be completed, while bulk excavation and foundational work will be carried out for Building J.

In preparation for the official commencement of construction this year, this next phase will also see steps put in place for early works in the development of the Townhomes at Highett Common.

Bringing Life to Highett Common

As part of the overall masterplan, Highett Common will see over 42% of the 9.3-hectare site home to public greenspaces that include walking trails, open lawns and playgrounds.

Informing the overarching Landscape Design at Highett Common is award-winning Urban Planning practice, Tract Consultants. Our team has been working closely with Tract to select trees for the mews and a collection of natural walkways that connect each building within Highett Common, the west interface and the entry plaza.

Taking great care to identify species that are native to the local Bayside area, our project collaborators have been considering a selection of flora to bring the project’s green vision to life.

Each tree selected for the site will be in an advanced stage of maturity to ensure that residents and the local community will have immediate access to healthy, mature trees and an abundance of natural shade.

We are excited to take the next steps in the construction process over the coming months and officially commence the project’s construction.

You can discover more about Highett Common by visiting our display suite at 37 Graham Road, Highett, Victoria.

Register your details here to book your visit or speak with our agent, Chad, directly on 0401 020 286.

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