Civil Works More Than Halfway Complete at Highett Common

December 2023

Civil works at our Highett Common site are now 75% complete, bringing us one step closer to welcoming our future residents to their new home.

When you drive past the site, you will see the first stage of Highett Common unfolding before your eyes. Our contracting partners at Delta Group are currently constructing internal roads and working on the bulk excavations of buildings G & J.

Emerging Pathways

The roads that will connect our future residents are rapidly taking shape, with asphalt, kerbs, and channelling installed to Callistemon Boulevard, Hakea Way, and a significant portion of Lightwood Avenue.

Our streets have been named in collaboration with ecologists and the local council, honouring some of the Bayside’s most beautiful native flora.  

Underground Basements Begin

Stage 1 earth works for the future basement of the Park House Apartments has also begun, with piling complete and shotcrete walls currently being installed. This basement will welcome future residents home with state-of-the-art car parking and a secure bike storage facility for users of the precinct’s interconnected bike paths.

The basement will also house a number of electric vehicle chargers for residents in alignment with Highett Common’s green commitment, which will see the precinct become the largest all-electric development outside of the Melbourne CBD.

Upholding Sustainability

In line with our green commitment, a number of initiatives have been implemented to minimise waste throughout the construction process.

100% of dirt excavated during civil infrastructure works will be reused throughout the site, forming the basis of future playgrounds and green spaces. All road sub-bases are made of 100% recycled materials, and all demolished concrete and asphalt has been recycled at Delta Group’s recycling facility.

The next steps of construction focus on Buildings G and J, with final civil works to be completed and foundations to be laid. The future site of The Townhomes will also begin development, signalling the start of Stage 2 of Highett Common.

Highett Common
has been named:

2023 WINNER:

Best Apartment
Development (VIC)

2023 WINNER:

Best Eco Friendly
Apartment Development

2023 WINNER:

Best Apartment
Landscape Design

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